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NC Alliance For School Leadership Development Shares Principal Preparation Updates

The North Carolina Alliance For School Leadership Development (NCASLD) presented updates on principal preparation today to members of the Professional Educator Preparation & Standards Committee (PEPSC). Dr. Shirley Prince, Executive Director of the NC Principals and Assistant Principals Association (NCPAPA) and NCASLD Transforming Principal Preparation Program (TP3) Director, provided an overview of TP3 developments, as well as emerging recommendations for PEPSC’s consideration going forward.

Dr. Prince discussed essential elements of the program, such as strong partnerships between preparation providers and school districts, as well as recent changes to the program as a result of legislation passed in 2019 to merge TP3 with the existing Principal Fellows program. While NCASLD continues to administer ongoing grants, the newly established TP3 Commission has already made 4 new grant awards to various principal preparation programs, to begin during the 2020-21 year.

In addition to highlighting the successes of TP3, such as high program satisfaction among graduates, LEA representatives, and mentoring principals, Dr. Prince also discussed areas for needed program improvement. Dr. Prince emphasized the need to not only hold participant salaries harmless during their internship, but also to consider revising the current definition of high-needs schools and districts, which 80% of schools and 112/115 LEAs currently meet.

NCASLD, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to improve professional development for school leaders, was chosen by the State Education Assistant Authority (SEAA) to manage the Transforming Principal Preparation Program, including administering program grants and overseeing the overall transformation process. The original legislation creating TP3 requires the State Board of Education to revise the standards for principal preparation program approval by Sept. 15, 2021, and report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee (JLEOC) by November 15, 2021 on any changes made. Members can access the full list of emerging recommendations provided to PEPSC today by NCASLD by clicking here.



Elizabeth Yelverton