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    The North Carolina School Superintendents' Association is proud to support our state's 115 superintendents. We provide high quality professional development for superintendents and aspiring superintendents, two statewide leadership conferences, executive coaching for new superintendents, webinars and a weekly email update.  We advocate for strong public schools in our advocacy work. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to members of NCSSA for their dedication and perseverance day in and day out to make public schools the best that they can be for North Carolina's student population. We look forward to serving you.

    Jack Hoke, NCSSA Executive Director | (828) 320-6767

  • EXCLUSIVE: NCSSA Executive Director Jack Hoke sat down for a short conversation with the NCASA Advocacy Team on the NCASA Public School Matters Podcast on August 9th. Hear Jack speak about the challenges facing school superintendents across the state as we start a new school year. For more valuable content just like this, listen and subscribe to this podcast.

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