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NCSSA Programming in
Partnership with NCASLD

The North Carolina School Superintendents Assocation is proud to partner with the North Carolina Alliance for School Leadership Development (NCASLD) to provide quality programming designed to grow leadership capacity among practicing school leaders through programs that are aligned to the research-based North Carolina Performance Evaluation standards and competencies for highly effective school leadership. Using a non-traditional professional development model, this suite of programs designed for both aspiring and practicing superintendents allows participants to critcally examine the meaning and application of the most effective leadership skills and school practices through a problem-based, real-world approach. The listing below utilizes a blended, cohort-based learning experience that combines face-to-face, online, and small group sharing sessions where participants share and receive feedback on their efforts to apply proven leadership practices in their schools. 


Cohort V: Aspiring Superintendents Program

Preparing current school leaders to become effective superintendents who will lead North Carolina school districts in the future.

The North Carolina Alliance for School Leadership Development and the North Carolina School Superintendents' Association will deliver a program designed to foster continuous improvement in the public schools of North Carolina by providing training and leadership development experiences and activities through a six-day personal leadership effectiveness development program and executive coaching for professionals who aspire to become school district superintendents. The aim of the program is to enhance the leadership effectiveness of participant through self-awareness, self-efficacy and empowerment. The primary objective of the program is to provide participating educators who aspire to become superintendents with information, knowledge, skills, and understanding through experiential learning in a leadership development program that includes executive coaching designed to support and assist them as they lead and manage school systems in North Carolina as district superintendents. Over time the overall design is intended to result in enhanced student achievement.

Cohort VII: Next Generation Superintendent Development Program

Building Transformational Education Leaders

Building on the success of six previous cohorts, and with a focus on building statewide capacity for transforming education systems, Cohort VII of the Next Generation Superintendent Development Program will provide ongoing support for superintendents across the state. The program will support the professional growth and transformative capacity of superintendents using the North Carolina Standards for Superintendents through a formative process that advances the stated purposes of the North Carolina Evaluation Process. The program is designed to guide superintendents as they reflect on and improve their effectiveness as district leaders; focus the personal leadership goals of the superintendents and link personal goals with district and state goals; and guide and facilitate the professional development of superintendents toward advanced levels of executive leadership as defined by the North Carolina Standards for Superintendents. NCASLD and NCSSA will work with aligned partners to provide a year-long continuum of support. As a result of participation in this cohort, participating superintendents will:

  • Understand how to apply the content of the North Carolina Superintendent Standards and the Superintendent Support Continuum to transform learning within the school district.

  • Acquire and develop the Next Generation Executive Leadership capacity to transform the school district and the schools within the district through a process of Innovation and Adaptation.

  • Establish a superintendent network of support, collaboration and influence. 


Interested in participating in one of these programs? Contact NCSSA Executive Director Jack Hoke for more information.

Digital Leadership Institute for NC Superintendents

Leading with courage requires taking the first step!

NCSSA has partnered with NCASLD and national and state leaders for digital innovation to provide an opportunity for superintendents to pursue district transformation work in terms of digital imperatives. National and state leaders share data, research and strategies for moving districts forward while communicating best practices and national models. The program provides an actionable framework that matches today’s education and technological priorities. Our goal is to foster valuable knowledge and insight to help our public school leaders make informed strategic decisions that support the district vision and improve student outcomes. The Digital Leadership Institute for N.C. Superintendents focuses on strengthening district leadership and communication, provides innovative tools for digital leaders, transforms pedagogy with compelling learning environments, supports professional development and creates professional learning networks, and generates balanced assessments. The Digital Leadership Institute extends guidance beyond the individual superintendent, offering key action steps for building a skilled digital leadership team as well as references and resources for continuous professional development.

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